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Royal Coat Ultra
Luxury Exterior Finish.

Royal Coat ULTRA is a high performance with Advanced Technology based premium quality Luxury Exterior finish, which provides highly antifungal, crack seal, dirt pick up with excellent sheen of your walls.
a). High Sheen
b). Crack seal
c). Antifungal
d). Dirt Pick-up
 e). Elastomeric.

Areas of application:

Exterior masonry, Brick work, Rendering & Concrete.

Product Data:
Finish Smooth with high sheen.
Supply viscosity (@300C) 10 +_ 2 Poise
Average Covering Capacity * 90 - 100 Sq ft/Lit./Coat. *Depending on surface condition, surface preparation, dilution, application skill etc
Interval between Coats 6 hr. minimum.
Thinner Recommended Clean Water/Potable Water
Primer Recommended Use PRIME GUARD acrylic Based exterior primer Or SUPER GUARD Exterior cum Interior primer.
Surface Preparation Remove dust, dirt, loose particles, grease, algae, & fungi by wire brushing& wash with water jetting. Old painted surface should be sanded thoroughly. In case of newly constructed surface, aminimum of3 month curing time is necessary before painting. Apply cement sand plaster to fill crack & level surface. Give specialattention to parapets& other horizontal surface which are especially susceptible fungi or algae.
Method of Application Thin 1 lit. Paint with 600 ml. clean fresh water & apply 2 coats of paints. For newly plastered surface use PRIME GUARD exterior primer. On horizontal surface or parapets use 3 coats. Avoid painting during rains.
Shades Available Choose from a wide range of shades from our shade card.
Pack available 1 lit, 4 lit., 10 lit., 20 lit.