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Prime Coat
Oil Based Primer

Crimson’s Prime Coat Primer for Wood is specially formulated to protect wood. It has excellent sealing and filling capacity. The primer penetrates wood fiber to provide great adhesion quality. Prime Coat Wood Primer protects woods finishing coats and prevents oiliness oozing out of wood surface.

Areas of application:

Protect all your wooden furniture, Door, Windows.

Product Data:
Finish Smooth & Matte
Supply Viscosity(F4@30degreeC) 115 +15 Sec.
Average Covering Capacity 120 - 140 sq.ft./ Lt / coat(on smooth surface with brush application)
SurfaceDry(@30degree+_2degreeC) Within 1 hour
Interval between Coats minimum 12 hours
Thinner Recommended Crimson's G.P. Thinner
Heat Resistance Withstands upto 250 degreeC(Intermittent heating).
Flash Point(Able Closed) 34 degreeC
Surface Preparation the surface is dry and free from rust, grease, Oil & looseparticles.
Method of Application After proper surface preparation, Prime Coat Wood Primer can be applied by brush/spray.
Shade Available White, Pink, Grey.
Pack Available 500ml/1Lt/4Lt/10Lt./20Lt.