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EZI Shyne
Luxury Emulsion Paints

Ezi Shyne is a Premium quality mid sheen Luxury Emulsion Paints that Provides a silky glowing and velvety smoothness to your walls.

Areas of application:

Interior surface of plaster, concrete, brickwork, asbestos sheet, false celling.

Product Data:
Finish Smooth & Mid Sheen
Supply Viscosity 10+/-2 poise @30°C.
Average Covering Capacity 240 - 260 sq.ft./Lt./Coat.(On primed and puttied smooth surface by brush application)
***Depending on surface condition , surface preparation, dilution, application skill, etc.
Surface Dry Within 30 minutes
Interval between coats 3 hours minimum
Thinner recommended Clean Tap/Potable Water.
Method of Application After proper surface preparation, Silk Touch Advanced can be applied by Brush, Spray or Roller. After application of Primer two or more coats of Silk Touch Advanced to be applied allowing an interval of 3 to 4 hours between subsequent coats. The dilution ratio with water should be 30 - 40% by volume.
Shades Available Choose from a wide range of shades from our shade card.
Pack Available 1Lt/ 4Lt