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Damp Sealed
Damp Proof Primer.

Damp Sealed Primer is a premium quality, high performance priming system with superior Alkali Block, Damp proof & Efflorescence resistance for exterior & interior surface application. It is making on nano technology to deep penetration and blocks the migration of salt to the surface, thus preventing efflorescence & dampness.

  1. Damp Proof.
  2. Resistance to Alkali Attack.
  3. Resistance to Efflorescence.
  4. Smooth Finish
Areas of application:

Exterior / Interior Surface of Plaster, Concrete, Brick work, Asbestos.

Product Data:
Finish Smooth & Matt.
Supply Viscosity 12+2 poise @300C
Average covering capacity* 100-120 sq.ft./Lit./Coat, by brush application. *Depending on surface condition, surface preparation, dilution, application skill etc
Surface Dry Within 15 minutes.
Interval between coats 3 hours minimum.
Thinner Recommended Clean tap / Potable water.
Surface Preparation Ensure the substrate is dry and free from dust, dirt, grease, oil and loose particle. Any algae or fungi growth was observed on old painted surface, it should be thoroughly removed by emery rubbing & water jetting.
Method of Application After proper surface preparation, DAMP SEALED, Water Thinnable Cement Primer can be applied by brush, spray or roller.
Shades Available White
Pack Available 1 Lit, /4 Lit, /10 Lit, /20 Lit.