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Integrated Water Proofing Compound

Profile: General purpose liquid integral waterproofing compoundcum water reducing plasticizer for cement mortar and concrete. It is based on modified Lingo-Sulphonate. It confirms to IS: 2645 – 2003 & IS: 9103 – 1999.

Usage: As a water proofing compound it can be used in cement mortar for plastering and in concrete for underground, basement & terrace structure. It produces good cohesive concrete or mortar with less porosity without addition of extra water. It gives fair faced concrete which is suitable for orecast concrete module.\'


  • Reduce permeability of water.
  • Does not affect setting time.
  • Eliminates / reduces dampness from the plastered surface of the brickwork.
  • Provides fair - faced concrete / mortar.

  • Reduce creep, shrinkage and porosity.
  • Ensure water tightness of concrete against water head.

Application: 0.2% by weight of cement, i.e., 100gm per 50kg bag is applicable. More accurate dosage can be obtained by trail of mix designs as per requirements.

SelfLife: 12 months from the date of manufacture. Should be stored in cool and dry place.

Packaging: 200gm/500gm/1kg/20kg/120kg & 250kg in HDPE Container.

Handling Precaution: Non-Toxic ingestion to be avoided. Splashes on bare skin must be washed thoroughly with water. Should be kept in closed container in a proper godown.