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Crimson Super Bond SBR Latex
Profile: Crimson Bond SBR is a Butadiene Rubber based milky synthetic latex emulsion which is compatible with cement based mixture.


  • Repairs worn, damaged and spelled concrete.
  • Laying screeds on new and old floors with high abrasion and chemical resistance.
  • Bonding aid for floor toppings, renderings and mortars.
  • Repairing cracks and crevices in concrete structures, waterproofing of water retaining structures, building terraces, basement, bathrooms, etc.


  • Outstanding resistance to water and moisture.
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates.
  • Improves flexibility of the treated surface.
  • Low permeability makes mortar or concrete waterproof.
  • Chemical resistance to substrate imparted.
  • Improves bond to mortar substrates.

Application: The substrate must be structurally sound, clear and dust free, oil, grease and contaminants must be removed mechanically. Smooth surface must be scrubbed. Surface should be damped with water prior to application of bonding primer, modified mortar or concrete. All excess water should be removed from the surface.

SelfLife:12 months in unopened condition.

Packing: Available in 200gm/500gm/1kg/20kg/120kg/250kg & as per requirement.

Handling Precaution: Non-Toxic ingestion to be avoided. Splashes on bare skin must be washed thoroughly with water. Should be kept in closed container in a proper godown.