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Hi Gloss Enamel

Crimolite synthetic enamel is an economical, fast drying enamel. It has an excellent smooth finish with good leveling properties. It can touch up almost everything around us & leaves a high gloss.

Areas of application:

Metal, wood, plaster, concrete, trucks, bus bodies sign board and all architectural jobs for both exterior & interior surface.

Product Data:
Finish Smooth & Glossy
Supply Viscosity(F4@30degreeC) 125 - 15 Sec.
Average Covering Capacity 110 - 120 sq.ft./ Lt / coat(with brush application)
Surface Dry(@30degree+_2degreeC) Within 4 hours
Interval between Coats minimum 12 hours
Thinner Recommended Crimson's G.P. Thinner
Primer Recommended White, pink and grey primer for wooden substrates. Red oxide metal primer, Zinc Chromate primer, Red lead primer for Ferrous Substrates.
Heat Resistance Withstands upto 250 degreeC(Intermittent heating).
Flash Point(Able Closed) 34 degreeC
Surface Preparation the surface is dry and free from rust, grease, Oil & loose particles.
Method of Application After proper surface preparation, CrimoliteSynthetic enamel can be applied by brush/spray. For best results apply 2 coats ofCrimo Coat Synthetic enamel giving 12hrs of drying time between coats .
Shade Available Choose from a wide range of shades from our shade card.
Pack Available 200ml/500ml/1Lt/4Lt/10Lt./20Lt.