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Crimocem Super
Cement Paints

Crimocem Super is a superior quality water proof cement paint to give extra protection of building in varied weather conditions. This provides a hard durable coating which resists penetration of moisture and does not rub flack or peel off from the surface.

Areas of application:

This is suitable for use on porous surface of masonry, concrete, stucco, common brick and rough plaster. This paint is not recommended for application over gypsum plaster, lime wash, oil paint, distemper or plastic emulsion.

Product Data:
Condition Fairly Smooth fine powder
Finish Fairly Smooth & Matt
Average covering capacity 40-50 sq. ft. / Kg. / Coat.
Curing Times 16 hours
Interval between coats 16 hours minimum
Full Curing Time 48 hours
Thinner Clean tap water
Pack Available 25 Kg. Bags & Bucket 5. Kg Container
Shades Available Choose from a wide range of shades from our shade card.

Surface Preparation: Clean surface thoroughky by removing dust, dirt, grease, oil, salt, fungus, etc. Any organic coating or loose chalk should be completely removed by wire brushing, emery rubbing, scraping followed by water jetting/scrubbing. This is extremely important for proper adhesion of the cement paints on the substrate.

Preparation of Mixed Paints for Application: To 2 parts of Crimocem Super Cement Paints, add 1 part of clean water, continuously mixing until a creamy consistency is obtained. This down further by adding further half part of water to get consistency suitable for application by round shape brush. Only sufficient quantity of mixed paint should be prepared at a time for consumption within one hour, otherwise the paint might set before application.

Application of paint: The surface should be properly wetted with clean fresh water. Prior to application of cement paints. Application can be done by loose round shape jute brush working well into the textured surface. For normal surfaces two coats of paint will give satisfactory finish. Before application of 2nd coat at interval of 18 hrs (approx), the 1st coat painted surface should be thoroughly wetted.

Next day after appliation of 2nd, the painted surface should be thoroughly wetted with clean water at-least 3-4 times to get best results.