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Aluminium Paints
Lusture Finish Paints

Triple protection from Weather, Corrosion and heat.
The premium Lustrous Aluminum Paint for Crimson’s keep the ferrous metal surface triply protected for years.
Excellent Weather Resistant.
Very good heat Resistant.
Extraordinary Corrosion Resistant.

Areas of application:

Steel structures and all ferrous substrates.

Product Data:
Finish Smooth & Lustrous
Coverage Capacity 200 - 220 sq.ft./ Lt / coat
Hard Dry Within 12 hours
Interval between Coats minimum 12 hours
Primer Recommended Crimson's Red Oxide, R.O. Metal, ZNCR Yellow and Red Lead primer.
Heat Resistance Withstands upto 250 degreeC(Intermittent heating).
Flash Point(Abel Closed) Above 34 degreeC
Surface Preparation Ensure the surface is dry and free from rust, grease, Oil & loose Matter.
Method of Application Mix AI paste with small quantity of medium thoroughly and add rest of medium gradually stirring by hand. After proper surface preparation, CrimoCoat aluminum paint can be applied by brush/spray. To get best result the mixed paint should be used within 24 hours.
Shade Available Bright Lustrous colour of Aluminum.
Pack Available Supplied in dual pack container Paste and Medium separately. 500ml/1Lt/4Lt/20Lt.